Do You Know About World Of Museums in London ?

Finally in London, if you are at this majestic place that offers undisputed scenic beauty, hold your breath because London has so much more to offer. What better way to learn about a city’s culture than a visit to its varied heritage of museums.

What museums in London should you visit?

If you are wondering what all and where all, here is a list of museums in London that will leave you spellbound with its undisputed approach to the traditions and culture of London.

British Museum: With a vast variety of collection only a limited part is exposed to public display. It is the world’s oldest museum and is famous for mummies like Rosetta Stone, Lindow Man, the Lewis Chessmen and the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial.

V&A: It is the home to the finest decorative arts in terms of ceramic and portrait. It is also a place where the wide variety of sculpture and photography is displayed. Highlights from the British galleries (1500-1900) are arranged systematically so that the history of occupants of the throne from Henry VIII to Queen Victoria is understood.

Natural History Museum: Another museum in London that comprises of 70 million flora and fauna, rocks, and minerals. It displays a wide range of animal life and its attributes starting from reptiles, herbivorous and carnivorous animals.

Science Museum: It is perfectly laid out on 7 floors. It includes the Apollo 10 command module and another piece of attraction is its flight simulator. It shows the development in fields like science, technology, and medicines.

National Gallery: It was founded in 1824, at that time it was home to only 36 paintings. The latest count is 2000 paintings that are masterpieces from the European school of art. It as a modern Sainsbury Wing extension that features the gallery’s earliest works that include Italian paintings by Giotto and Piero Della Francesca.

Tate Modern: One of the most beautiful museums in London. It has a beautiful architecture design from outside and inside it displays a mesmerising view of original cavernous turbines. The collection of this museum ranges from Matisse, Rothko, Bacon, Twombly and Beuys.

National Maritime Museum: Located near the Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory this museum was founded in 1675 by Charles II. It displays the importance of London’s maritime heritage along with its impact on world trade.

Design Museum: it was opened in 1989 after the incarnation of Boilerhouse established in the V&A by Terence Conran), this museum was made by Tower Bridge and it displays modern and contemporary faces of industrial culture. It is also home to many fashion designs, up toned graphics, architecture and many multimedia layouts.

London Transport Museum: The most prominent feature of the museum in London is the display of its first underground train that had windows. It caused a lot of confusion as the passengers were not aware of the stop.

A visit to London must be completed by tasting scrumptious food on the street and collecting souvenirs for your loved ones. London has a lot to offer, be prepared to take the best.

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